Let yourself be blown away by its fascinating, rough and breathtaking landscapes!

EXPERIENCE wildlife in untouched nature.
FEEL the magic of the African night when the jackal howls in the distance and the only lights are millions of sparkling stars in the sky.
ENJOY spectacular sunsets, endless views and the feeling of absolute peace and freedom.
DISCOVER Namibia’s highlights, meet friendly people from different cultures and enjoy local cuisine.

NAMIBIA is always worth a journey and leaves deep prints in your heart!

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On a roadtrip with your Bakkie, on the dusty Namibian Pads, with Biltong for Padkos, you get the real Africa feeling. Enjoy a lekker Namibian Braai with the locals, or a delicious cold Tafel Lager at a Sundowner, barefoot, or with Tekkies in the red desert sand. Nam changes you forever! This land is bleddie mooi and the people also very oulik. Come check n bietji for yourself, I tell you, you will smaak it very much.

If I have ever seen magic, it has been in Africa .

John Hemingway

heart drawn into beach sand


We are at your service! We customize every journey from scratch. Our personal service is completely free of charge, from the first moment we meet till you are safely back home.


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About Us

We want to share our love and passion for this unique landscape and animal world with you. There’s nothing more rewarding!

The best thing about a road trip is not the destination, but all the unforgettable moments along the way.